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Resthaven Pt. Elliot

Aged Care Facility


Port Elliot, SA


Client: Resthaven Incorporated


In conjunction with a major building development, designwell were commissioned to design a total of 14 areas that included a dementia-specific landscape, community  recreational area, various themed courtyards,  independent living unit gardens, sensory  gardens, balconies, boundary, carpark and streetscapes. Our aim was to re-invigorate the residents’ connection to nature, improve their sense of wellbeing and enhance their quality of life. The proposed landscape design was intended to provide a safe, functional and attractive environment that encouraged physical activity and social engagement. Our landscape solutions provide opportunities to make choices, seek privacy and experience a sense of  control in a variety of outdoor spaces. The  design also responds to the local coastal  culture and climatic conditions in regards to  landscape features/sculptures, planting and  the organisation of spaces.


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