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Resthaven Craigmore
Aged Care Development


Craigmore, SA


Client: Resthaven Incorporated


Resthaven Craigmore is an Aged Care facility located in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.
The existing space had issues with exposure to the elements and was not being used to its full potential. Our design provides shelter from sun and wind in the new BBQ area. The lawned area has been rejuvenated to become a more active space with a new bowling green. Resthaven encourages families to use the space as much as the residents so the design features spaces for children to use as well as adults.


The existing garden was upgraded to become a nature trail for children to run through, including stepping stones, native plants for making cubby holes and themed sculptures along the journey through the garden. The games wall in the BBQ area is also designed specifically with children in mind. Additionally, a sensory garden with plants that are reminiscent of the era of the residents has been created. Small garden signs locating specific plants are helpful for residents to identify plants during gardening activities.


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