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Port Central

Shopping Centre


Port Central, SA


Client: Precision Group


The Landscape Masterplan for the Port Central Shopping Centre works in unison with architectural plans for the redevelopment.


The extension of the shopping centre and establishment of new plazas encourages greater activation around the edge of the built form. Key entrances create focal points for which vehicular and pedestrian access is required. New and retained car parks will feature shared use spaces where higher volumes of vehicles and pedestrians is anticipated, including around main entrances and loading bays when near the plazas.


The plazas will incorporate high quality landscape treatments to encourage  congregation, whilst supporting the transition into the mall itself. This will be supported by a suite of streetscape furnishings that share a design language with the built form and existing character of the area.


New tree-lined boulevards and shrub beds create visual guidance and a natural buffer from vehicles movement without impacting on the visual prominence of shopping centre signage.


The large quantity of hard surfaces creates the opportunity for localised stormwater capture and utilisation in the landscape. This captured water will allow trees and shrubs to flourish, establish more quickly and serve to lessen the impact of localised flooding.


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