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Mary Potter Hospice
Healing Garden


North Adelaide, SA


Client: Mary Potter
Hospice Foundation


WINNER 2015 AILA SA and Adelaide
Review People’s Choice Award


As patients and families are facing end of life, access to nature becomes increasingly important. designwell worked closely with the Hospice and stakeholders to create an uplifting, contemplative and supportive environment where patients, families and staff can deal with their grief but also celebrate life. A place to reflect, a place to restore and a place to celebrate life. The garden contains a mixture of a sensory garden and an edible garden. Patients, families and staff are encouraged to smell the flowers, touch the leaves and to pick the herbs, vegetables and fruit to use in their cooking in the hospice family kitchen. Children are also supported through, an outdoor blackboard to express their feelings and space to bring out the hospice toys and play. The  project  uses an evidence-based design  approach reflecting physical and emotional  benefits of healing gardens for rehabilitation, therapy and reflection. The design uses Biophilic design elements that reproduce human-nature connection and encourages occupants to engage with nature.


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